Jumping into the lake off a Porta-Dock dock
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How should I store my canopy cover when not in use?

It is recommended to remove the canopy before taking your boat off the lift for the season. Your boat will provide an easy platform to work from. Once the canopy has been be removed, lay out on a clean, dry area (on grass is fine). Turn the canopy inside out, so the logo is folded in. Make sure your canopy is dry so it doesn’t develop mold or mildew while storing. Fold the sides in and square up the corners. Fold it 3-4 times the LONG way, folding in towards the middle on each side. Then fold in from the ends toward the middle, 3-4 times. Store in a clean, dry place. Storing in a plastic bag or storage container will keep pests and dust/dirt off your canopy.

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