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Porta-Dock Multi-Dock
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The Ultimate Playground

A true innovation, Porta-Dock’s Multi-Dock combine the strength and stability of Porta-Dock’s Roll-In dock with the ability to use posts or our revolutionary new leveling system. Enjoy endless configurations that feature easy installation and removal.

Shown with pads and wheels.

Porta-Dock Multi-Dock
  • Porta-Dock White Aluminum decking
  • Porta-Dock Beige Aluminum decking
  • Porta-Dock Titan decking
  • Porta-Dock Cedar decking

The Mulit-Dock is available in White Aluminum, Beige Aluminum, Mushroom Titan, or Cedar decking. Aluminum decking features an enameled, textured finish for skid resistance — providing safety for you and your family.

  • Available as a post or roll-in dock
  • Connector allows for ease of installation and removal
  • Easy leveling with the use of a cordless drill allows for multiple positions with maximum efficiency
  • Adjustable screw legs with braces
  • Dozens of accessory options available to fit your lifestyle

Shown with pads and posts.


High-quality, lightweight aluminum framework.


4’ Sections
5′ Sections*

*subject to availability


All Porta-Dock Multi-Docks come standard with an accessory track for easy installation of accessories, no need for drilling! Works with all Porta-Dock dock accessories. See the dealer nearest you with questions.

  • Universal track on all sides
  • Works with all Porta-Dock dock accessories
  • Secures easily from under deck frame


Porta-Dock dock configurator - Dock Layouts

Design the perfect dock

Porta-Dock offers endless configurations when creating a new dock layout. Create the perfect layout that fits your exact needs and lifestyle.

View Dock Configurator
Sunset on the lake behind a Porta-Dock multi-dock

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Porta-Dock multi-dock with Beige Aluminum decking and accessories

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